About us

dua Marketplace is a place that unites all Albanian brands with the Albanian community.

Connecting the Diaspora

As we have more than 6 million Albanians living in the EU, UK & USA we wanted to connect them in one place, we started our mission to connect them through the dating app, but now we want to go one step forward and connect the businesses with that community.

We saw the need that Albanians do not have one place where they can buy Albanians clothes, mugs etc. That's why we created Dua Marketplace.

A market that has only Albanian brands and that sells to only Albanians.

Until now we have around 5 partners and in the near future we are thought to grow our community with 20+ partners, and the good thing is that some of them now have the chance to deliver worldwide and not only in Kosovo or Albanian.

As we are getting bigger all of our partners are getting bigger and that's one of the reasons why we love the idea of growing local business to a worldwide market.

Even though there are many obstacles on our way to connect all the brands in one place, the vision is very evident to us.

We want all the big and small businesses to have the chance to grow their business even more.

Who are we?

dua.com is a place where Albanians connect with each other, for the moment we have only the dating area but in the near future, we are planning to launch dua.biz and dua.help.

Download the app now: https://bit.ly/32LRQ5q

dua Marketplace is one of the projects of dua.biz, as the goal is to connect business with each other (homeland with diaspora) we think that is a very good start.